Our core strength lies in the design, installation and supply of chemical dosing, measurement and control equipment for gaseous, liquid and dry chemicals. Our many satisfied customers range from those requiring small single chemical systems to customers requiring large multi-chemical fully automated systems. KLOMAC is an authorised reseller of the SUPERIOR® range of products and supplies their complete range of water treatment and chemical dosing equipment.


SUPERIOR® has a proud history of many years of leading the way in the development and production of chemical dosing equipment, analytical instrumentation, and control systems in all areas of water treatment. SUPERIOR® products set the standard for quality, innovation and performance in the worldwide Chemical Dosing and Disinfection market. KLOMAC has a dedicated skilled technical team to support our customers from project inception, through design to installation. We can also provide full staff training and ongoing maintenance as well as hands-on plant operation.


After Sales Service

When you invest in top quality equipment, you deserve top quality after-sales support services. Our customers are supported by a skilled team ensuring that you continue to achieve the maximum performance from that equipment.

Comprehensive stock of spare parts is held at our Warehouse in Rosslyn.